Our Mission

Independent news has never been so important.  Canadian Centre for Journalism  generates public support for truthful, sustainable journalism that matters.  

CCJ is a non-profit organization founded by journalists to support and produce  non commercial news, as well as informative public service reporting. The CCJ supports investigative reporting and solutions journalism that helps communities and people facing challenges in the areas of food security, Covid-19, climate change, public health,,  the environment, race and gender.

It costs around $10,000 to produce a substantial investigation or a piece of in-depth reporting. 

This includes 4 weeks of research, document review, interviews, and writing 2-4 drafts. It includes structural edits, design and technology support, copy edits, image creation, fact checking, a legal review, and promotions. Adding in data journalism and infographics pushes the cost up more.

We are committed to uncovering the truth, highlighting solutions and working towards a more just and inclusive world through the powerful moral tool of journalism, leveraging  a variety of platforms and channels.