Episode 5: Getting off of Oil and Gas

We need to wind down fossil fuels, and fast. It’s the single largest source of emissions in Canada. But what about the communities and people who depend on the oil and gas industry for their livelihoods? Hear from workers who have already made the switch, and those who aren’t sure if it’s going to happen. Plus, National Observer columnist Max Fawcett and Linda Solomon Wood on why Canada’s climate goals don’t have to be like oil and water when it comes to Alberta.


  • Delia Warren, offshore wind consultant and former director of Iron and Earth East
  • Dirk Toleman, heavy machinery operator and UNIFOR local president in Fort McMurray
  • Jim Standford, economist and Director of Centre for Future Work
  • Max Fawcett, Canada’s National Observer
  • Angela Carter, political science professor at the University of Waterloo
  • Truzaar Dordi, postdoctoral fellow in climate finance at the University of Waterloo



Links to studies we mention in the show



Final audio mix by Aftertouch Audio. Fact check by Luke Ottenhof. Artwork by Ata Ojani. Communications from Suzanne Dhaliwal.
Archival sound in this episode from the Legislative Library of Newfoundland and Labrador.
Music provided by Blue Dot Sessions Patrick Patrikios, and Lobo Loco.
Thank you to The Navigators for permission to use their song, “Pulling Oil From the Sand.”

Additional sfx from __jpberger__ and __xcreenplay__ of freesound.org



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