Episode 2: Where We Live

Where We Live
The climate crisis is in our backyards. It’s not a matter of if our neighbourhoods will be hit. It’s a matter of how. Observer founder Linda Solomon Wood sits down with the most famous family duo in Canadian environmentalism, David Suzuki and Severn Cullis-Suzuki. Plus, Montreal’s deadly urban heat islands, and the gargantuan task of retrofitting every building in Canada’s biggest city.



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Field production from Ellen Payne Smith and Elysse Deveaux in Montreal. Final audio mix by Aftertouch Audio. Fact check by Dana Filek-Gibson. Artwork by Ata Ojani. Communications from Suzanne Dhaliwal and Luke Ottenhof. Music by Martijn de Boer and Blue Dot Sessions. Additional sound from Eldiariosonoro_, Lonemonk and Helter Skelter from freesound.org.

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