Episode 1: How We Eat

Everybody’s gotta eat, but who’s feeding us, and what else are we eating up along the way? In this episode we chew on the ways our food affects our climate, and what can be done about it. Professor and author Lenore Newman discusses food security and this summer’s heat dome with National Observer founder Linda Solomon Wood. Plus, the surge in regenerative farming in Canada, and a future of real beef with no real cows. Yes, you read that right.


Robyn Bunn, Radical Action with Migrants in Agriculture Fawn Jackson, climate lead for the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association Karen Ross, director of Farmers for Climate Solutions. Lenore Newman, Director of the Food and Agriculture Institute and Canada Research Chair in Food Security and Environment at the University of the Fraser Valley Isha Datar, Executive Director of New Harvest

Climate nerd resources:

Learn more about natural climate solutions Farmers For Climate Solutions calls to action UN report on livestock and GHG emissions IPCC’s 2018 report on food security Urban agriculture as a climate change and disaster risk reduction strategy


Final audio mix by Aftertouch Audio. Fact check by Dana Filek Gibson and Marc Fawcett-Atkinson. Artwork by Ata Ojani. Communications from Suzanne Dhaliwal and Luke Ottenhof. Music provided by Blue.Sessions and Soundstripe. Effects by PianoFarm and soundmary.

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