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Information and Education

Canada’s Clean Economy Climate Integrity Project First Nations Forward Coming out of Covid-19 with a green stimulus package for Canada Water Monitoring Generation Z, mental health,  and navigating a disrupted future Syrian Refugees in Canada
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Public Discussions

CCJ produces a series of free, participatory and engaging public conversations with leading newsmakers. The series includes talks with environmentalists, policymakers, cultural leaders and journalists around the globe with a special focus on Indigenous leadership....
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Investigative journalism is  expensive but it is an effective  and important tool in holding power to account and revealing dysfunctions in government oversight of massive infrastructure projects or misuse of taxpayer dollars. That’s why you...
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It costs around $10,000 to produce a substantial investigation or a piece of in-depth reporting.

This includes 4 weeks of research, document review, interviews, and writing 2-4 drafts. It includes structural edits, design and technology support, copy edits, image creation, fact checking, a legal review, and promotions. Adding in data journalism and infographics pushes the cost up more.

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